MBOX – Holiday Edition


Bring mindfulness into your daily life with this curated box of tactile activities, virtual lessons, and guided meditation that give you a much-needed moment of pause amidst the busyness of the holiday season.



  • Access to exclusive MBOX launch party and lesson taught by Pam Marcheski, Certified Mindfulness Coach.
  • A new MBOX delivered to your door, filled with specially curated items that support the lesson.
  • Practice  Mindfulness techniques to apply to everyday life centered around the themed lesson supporting the Holiday Season
  • Access to your own personal and private Mindfulness community to share, support and engage with throughout your journey.
  • In the box you get..

    ☑️ 1 Box of Specialty curated items. Delivered to your home

    ☑️ Engaging Virtual launch party revealing items and lesson

    ☑️ Additional live videos, articles and information shared throughout the Holiday season.

    ☑️ MBOX community page to share, engage and support other members of the community