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    INTENTACT X – 8 Week Mindfulness Course

    Next Course Runs: FEBRUARY 22nd 2021 – APRIL 12th at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (PST)

    This is an 8 week course for anyone who wants and is committed to learning and putting into practice mindfulness in their everyday lives. It is taught through lessons supported by experiential activities and followed up with the foundational meditations that will support each lesson.   

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Since 2000, the number of scientific studies on mindfulness has increased significantly. As a result of these studies, valuable insights about both the effects of mindfulness and the underlying mechanisms have emerged. These studies have shown that the effects of mindfulness cannot be simply attributed to relaxation but involve complex processes like attention regulation, emotional coping, observation and time perspective.

This training was developed to systematically increase mindfulness not only through mindfulness practice but also by covering the underlying mechanisms of mindfulness. For instance, in addition to practicing meditation, this training also answers questions like: “What happens when I meditate?”, “Why does meditation help reduce the impact of negative thoughts?”, “Why should I become aware of judgments I make?”. Understanding the underlying mechanisms makes it easier to apply mindfulness in a wide range of contexts and counteracts the misconception that mindfulness is a trick or technique, rather than a way of being.