I am inspired that leaders today recognize that their people need to be supported with a practice that has well studied and proven potential to better and enhance their lives.

Our Mindfulness Workshops are designed to bring solid foundational practices to participants in a fun engaging and interactive way. Day to day work and personal life can be fast, stressful and often without boundaries today.  My goal is to leave everyone with a lighter understanding of mindfulness and ways that it can be pulled in throughout the day even in the busiest of moments and likely when it is needed the most.

The MKIT is an enhancement and support to all the work I do within the workshop. Tangible reminders that participants can use throughout the day to give a gentle physical nudge to take a pause when needed and bring in the lessons from the workshop into their daily lives.


Mindful Leadership Workshops are specifically designed with the values and competencies that are essential to the companies I work with.  The IntentAct way is to make mindfulness a support and enhancement to leadership development.

Through our interaction and collaboration I bring mindfulness to your team at the level desired by you.  Please reach out to learn more on how I can help you and your team bring the benefits of mindfulness to life within your organization.