2021 New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions “WE GOT THIS”

The success rate of meeting a New Year resolution or intention is less than 10% by year end. 80% are written off by end of February. Here is a simple 3 step end of month check-in to help up those odds of success and establish new habit loops.

  1. Write and Hang Strategically-Write resolution or intention down. It can be as simple as writing it down on a small notecard. Hang it in a strategic place not just a visible place.  My word in 2021 is “Concentration” as I really want to work on staying present and focused on important projects.  I taped my word on TV remote as a gentle reminder of my intention for 2021. This doesn’t mean I can’t watch TV or should feel bad about using the TV it is simply a good pause and question moment to reflect on if this is the right time and check in with my intention.
  2. Take Note-One month in is a good time to reflect and notice moments or days where your intention or resolution were coming through loud and clear and when maybe they weren’t. Not a judgement of yourself but looking for the patterns and formula for how you keep going and have more of those good consistent days.  Doing this daily is the most powerful but doing so at end of month can provide very useful info going into the next month.
  3. Investigate Habit Loops-Habit Loops are powerful, and they are sneaky.  They took time to build and they aren’t going away without a fight. We have to notice them, settle our mind that it’s o.k. we have a new habit loop to learn, and celebrate the success of noticing and moving forward in a different way.

365 days in a year….1440 moments in a day…Many more days and moment in 2021 to go.If we set the resolution or intention for the New Year, it matters. Things that matter take effort and much of the effort is in taking the time to reflect, recommit and remind…Hello 2021 “WE GOT THIS.”

photo of planner and writing materials
Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com