Who is putting who to bed here? Ways to investigate our habit loops.

Cell Phone pillow (tool to support mindful ownership and habit loops)

The cell phone is a tool that was developed in order to provide one access to wanted information in a fast easy way. Like a hammer, screw driver, car key and various other tools it is designed to be held in your hand. Unlike these other tools mentioned the designers of the cell phone tool have an additional intention and that is the intention of building dependency on it so much so that you forget that it is still actually a tool.

There are many great mindful ways to investigate your habit loops and dependency on the cell phone. A cell phone pillow is one of my favorite ways as it allows one to investigate who is really putting who to bed here? It allows the owner to be clear and specific on what control the user wants. While this may sound a bit silly it is no sillier than thinking that this tool actually has any emotional connection to us which unfortunately many do. The cell phone pillow can also be used to carry the phone around with when you are at home. This helps to be more mindful around the habit loop of how much the phone is actually with us. It is less convenient and requires more effort and this alone can be enough to break the habit loop of always having the phone with you. Habit loops don’t like resistance they like fast pass easy access and the pillow adds that resistance to change the habit loop.

The cell phone is a useful tool there is no need to give it up but investigating our dependency and habit loops around this tool can be very helpful. Being Mindful is about awareness, awareness can lead to more investigation and the investigation can lead to intentional response. Investigating our habit loops mindfully truly can lead to greater personal overall well being and better relationships with others in our lives.

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