Mindful Intentions

As we approach the new year the common practice of setting resolutions is upon us. After this year it is not a surprise that many of us are looking to better ourselves, and hopefully our surroundings. It’s a noble effort, but we all know what happens to new years resolutions. They fail, quickly.

In fact, most studies show that on average 80% of resolutions will be broken by February and that once we reach the end of the year the success rate for fulfilling a resolution will fall below 8%.

The odds are tough, but we can make lasting change and when we do it’s a beautiful thing. And it’s your time. Don’t begin your change on the first of the year, change now, this instant, and continue to better yourself, respect yourself, and love yourself, for the rest of your days.

SKIP THE RESOLUTION AND GO FOR INTENTIONS. Resolutions just within the word alone are hard and the resolute nature of them give you a very singular way to move forward. Your are forbidden from doing the thing you wish to quit, and if you fail, it’s over. This should not be the aproach. A deviation from your goal should not be an invitation to throw out your goals entirely. The focus is on changing for a year. Resolutions give us a quicker out and generally when we have a quicker out, we tend to take it.

 Intentions are different they are a guiding principle in way you move forward. They give the journey more context and meaning. With an intention to consume food in a way that leads to a healthier consistent weight you might slip up in the second week, but you can see other options and paths forward. The one miss step doesn’t become the defining moment of success or failure.  You are less hard on yourself and yet still motivated to keep moving forward.

PRACTICE MINDFUL CONCENTRATION. In a world full of constant distractions and fast easy cheap, improving concentration is a game changer for those who want to have higher success in fulfilling intentions. Mindful concentration is more than focus it goes further as it lets you see in the immediate point of focus but practiced regularly will also show a roadmap of habit loops in which you may have that can be altered in order to sustain success. Concentration is a critical skill and, in our world, today is one much harder to cultivate but when practiced regularly can be a major player in living with our intentions. 

PRACTICE MINDFUL ENERGY.  Mindful Energy has two important functions courage and strength. Joseph Goldstein in his book “Mindfulness” states it beautifully as a “refined art”. 

Mindful Courage goes beyond just the will to move forward and act but brings in the ability to notice and be with the different mind states that might hinder our efforts. Mindful Courage trains your mind to settle a bit when friction shows up, gives compassion or pause for the friction, and then pulls in the needed nudge to go forward. When you are six months into an intention of having a more active and fit lifestyle and you get a bit bored or lazy with your workout the practice of mindful courage acknowledges what is showing up and still nudges you forward with the proper action.  

Mindful Strength reinforces behaviors to shore things up and give you a greater roadmap for success. Mindful Strength when in practice shows the steps necessary to create an environment needed for our actions.  Mindful Strength goes beyond grit and resolve it has the capacity to see what influences or derailments we may have access to when we are in a tough moment or low resolve and removes those elements before they are needed. Mindful Strength in practice sets the table for success in our intentions.  Rather than waiting for when we are triggered or in a low moment that might push us toward a reaction that does not align with our intentions it prepares the field so that those reactionary impulses are not available. 

Mindful Intentions, Concentration and Energy when practiced regularly will increase one’s odds considerably and more importantly they will give you the ability to enjoy the process of living with the intention.  We have had plenty of hard in 2020 and much to look forward to in 2021 but how we set our intentions, determine our points of focus and move allocate our energy will be a big part in determining our success and lasting change.  

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